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Crayford Refractor Focusers
Large Format Crayford Refractor Focusers
Crayford Newtonian Focusers
Large Format Crayford Newtonian Focusers
Crayford SCT Focusers
Large Format Crayford SCT/RC Focusers
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MoonLite Telescope Accessories
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Crayford Newtonian Focusers

MoonLite Model CR Newtonian Focusers
MoonLite's CR model focusers come in both single and dual rate versions. The single rate version is only $165 and the dual rate version is only $265. The dual rate version uses our popular 1.2" dual rate tri-knob that is very smooth and is rated at 5 lb lifting capacity; Perfect for visual use. The dual rate Tri-knob is also available with a Shaft Lock option for an additional $25. The shaft lock system is added to the left knob allowing the focusers position to be locked using a micro compression ring clamp on the knob. This type of lock does not push against the draw tube like other lock systems do. There is no image shift with this style of shaft lock system. The focuser also comes with 4 different motor options that increase the lifting capacity of the focuser to 6 lbs. A DC motor version with hand controller for manual use or consider our popular "High Res stepper motor options" for extreme imaging needs requiring very fine repeatability and temp compensation using any of today's popular ASCOM based software. We offer the High res stepper motor option in a Stand alone version or with one of our MoonLite brand controllers. Please see our latest MoonLite brand 2-speed controller with DRO display. We offer 14 different drawtube styles for the CR model focuser with travels ranging from 1.5" to 2.75" in both standard format and brass compression ring format at no extra charge. We also make a unique Swing Filter version that holds a 2" filter in the bottom of the drawtube, but can be placed in and out of the light path from an above mounted lever. Add any of our free 6 custom anodized colors for a perfect, one of a kind focuser to match your scope. Click the thumbnail for a full description and photos of all the different configurations.
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Universal Install Kit for CR Focusers
The Universal kit matches the curve and bolt pattern of your round OTA providing a professional installation when mounting our flat base Newtonian focusers. The install kit fits all Newtonian scopes such as Orion, Sky Watcher, Celestron , Vixen, GSO, Meade Light bridge, DBA, Hardin, Antares, and Parks. The installation kit makes it easy to mount our flat base CR Newtonian focusers at different height positions with the included spacers that come with the kit. Comes in 6 sizes for 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", and 16" scopes.
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Intes MN Upgrade (Model IntesMN-MK)
MoonLite offers 9 different adapter plates to allow our CR Newtonian focuser to be mounted directly on Intes scopes. Both Mac/Newts and the Mak /Cas telescopes are supported. Click on the "more info" button to pick the correct adapter.
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Focuser Installation Kit for the LXD55/75 (Model LXD55-KIT)
The New MoonLite LXD55/75 Installation Kit allows CR model crayford focusers to be mounted on Meade's LXD 55/ or 75 SN6, SN8 or SN10 model telescopes. The kit provides the necessary curve adapter, spacers, and hardware to correctly mount the focuser with out having to drill new mounting holes. It also includes a special 1.5" extender tube that can be removed allowing the scope to reach focus when doing prime focus photography or when using a bino-viewer. The extender tube is normally installed in the focuser for visual use with regular EPs.
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MoonLite 48/49mm Filter Slide (Model FS-1)
MoonLite 2" Filter Slide is a high-end, all aluminum filter slide designed to mount in side the upper cages of medium to large aperture dobs. Three 48/49mm filter positions and 1 oversize clear view position for barlows provide a smooth transition from filtered to non-filter view. No more unscrewing/screwing filters in and out of EPs in the dark. You can use your 1 1/4" EP with 2" filters as well. The filter slide mounting options allows it to work with all brand focusers.
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Closed Curve Adapter (Model CKC)
Curve adapters are for mounting MoonLite's CR focusers to round optical tubes with OD's from 6 to 24 inches.
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Closed Spacer (Model SPC)
Closed end spacers are for CR Newtonian 2" format crayford focusers. Enables the focusers height profile to be adjusted. Available in 1/4", 1/2" and 1" thickness. Can be stacked to achieve multiple heights if required.
The model SPC is for our CR model crayford focusers without the Filter Swing option.
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2 inch to 1 1/4 inch Brass Compression ring Eyepiece Adapter (Model 125c-Adapter)
This is our standard 2" to 1 1/4 inch brass compression ring style adapter that is included with our focuser if the brass compression ring draw tube option is picked. Great grip power and it has a low Profile design, plus the bottom is threaded for 2" filters.
Need an extra one-- Order it here.
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2 inch smooth bore to T-thread adapter (Model 2T-adapter)
This adapter provides the standard male T- thread and fits into any focuser's 2" draw tube. Great for connecting CCD / Filter wheel set ups to your focuser, plus the bottom of the adapter is threaded for 2" filters.
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1.5 inch Extender Tube (Model ET15)
2" OD extender tube increases out travel by 1.5". Fits all regular style draw tubes. Threaded for 2" filters.
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1.5 inch Brass compression ring style Extender Tube (Model ETc15)
2" OD extender tube increases out travel by 1.5". Fits all regular style draw tubes. Threaded for 2" filters.
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DRO Display controller for High res stepper motors (Model MTS-1000)
DRO Display controller with all cables and Power supply for MoonLite High Res Stepper Motors.
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Mini-V2 controller for High res stepper motors (Model MTS-500-V2)
MiniV2 controller with all cables, Power supply, and remote temp probe for MoonLite High Res Stepper Motors.
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High Res Stepper Motor kits (Model STM)
High Res Stepper Motor install kits with bracket and hardware.
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DC Motor kits (Model DCM)
DC Motor install kits with dual port controller, bracket and hardware.
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